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creative commons logoAll music by de fuckups is published with a Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the songs or derivative works based upon it, provided that proper attribution and a link to our website is provided. Please email us when you do! defuckups|at|
Detailed information on this license can be found online:

All songs written and performed by De Fuckups.
Both albums recorded and mixed by Edwin Pot at the Pot Sound studios, Groningen.

De Fuckups first album, 2007

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De Fuckups Stuff 10″, 2011

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Old crappy sounding unreleased stuff:
ISBN # 9789054521778 NUR 306 A song made for and released with Daniël Dee’s poetry book Koffiedik zingen.

Fuckups will be faithful, semi live rehearsal room recording mixed with movie quotes

Doet het heel erg pijn papa?, Max and Zoë’s version of dust settles.

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  1. good list 😀 thanks

    2016J24!16 Februaryf14563256330000002016-02-24T14:53:53+00:00k000000p53 at 53:14

  2. nice vibes !

    2016J29!16 Februaryf14567545310000002016-02-29T14:02:11+00:00k000000p11 at 02:14

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